ATO Device Tracker is GPS tracking system designed with intelligence for safety of students, passangers during transit and in journey. It is also helpful for Fleet Management.Tracker device can be installed on school bus, tourist vehicle, personal cars and tracking can be done through web interface or android application.

Using ATO Device tracker, users can get real time information about devices locations. Users can also monitor group of vehicles at the same time. Reports download facility is also available to maintain records.

By defining journeys, geozones users can get real time alerts on Web/android app. ATO also offers flexible control over same device can be used for multiple users for different journeys, geozones

How ATO Works ?:

  • GPS device installed in vehicle sends GPS position information to cloud, whre this information is stored and processed. Depending on information, real time alerts are generated and sent on web as well as androip application.

The key benefits that ATO offers are:

  • Real time location Tracking
  • Fully Responsive Web tracking
  • Tracking via Android Application
  • Tracking of individual devices and group of devices

Features of ATO

  • Cloud Based : No software maintainace
  • Fully Responsive Web system : Can be used on Mobiles, tablets, laptops
  • One time GPS device installation
  • Secure, Easy to use.

Application areas of ATO

  • School Bus tracking
  • Personal Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet Tracking for tourist,transport companies
  • Corporate Transportation Tracking

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